Hello world! Welcome to Know the Fundamentals.

Welcome to Know the Fundamentals.  This blog will devote itself to helping children understand the basics of life and how to stay safe.  It will cover all sorts of topics, but mostly those that are overlooked, and put this information into a format, such as images, that can be freely distributed in schools, by cities or groups.

By teaching our children the fundamentals about safety and consideration, we will give them the tools to have a happy, healthy and productive future.  It’s fundamental.

We encourage everyone to participate, by listing your ideas and then having others comment to expand the concept until we create an puzzle, poster or handout that can be distributed and enjoyed by the public at large.

All topics will be directed at child safety, to give them the knowledge to stay safe and if necessary to point out to their parents if they’re not ‘following the rules.’  Topics will initially be centered around pedestrian safety, bicycle safety and vehicular safety.  We hope that by engaging both parents and children in a game like atmosphere that the lessons will be reinforced to both groups.

Lets face it, knowing that some child was crushed by a vehicle is more than ‘that’s tragic’ consideration from adults.  It is a topic that can potentially prevent months or years of grief.  It is no fun to watch a child have to go through physical and mental rebuilding over something that shouldn’t of happened in the first place.  The truth is many, maybe most parents are taking chances and are unknowingly teaching their children, and other children who witness bad behavior, how to interact with traffic.  A vehicle can not change it’s speed or direction on a dime and no person should put them in harm’s way.  A child must know this fundamental knowledge before it’s too late.

We also will welcome photos, videos and sketches of bad behavior examples.

Stay smart, stay alert and practice the basics of responsible behavior.

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Welcome to Know The Fundamentals blog. Our mission is to find avenues for adults to teach children the fundamentals of safety, so they may have a lifetime free of tragic events. By instilling safe attitudes at a younger age, when they begin to drive, have families, or just live, they can pass on their knowledge through their example.

As an adult city dweller, you know that you have to keep alert to navigate the city safely. With years of experience on how to judge distance and speed, you're probably very good at it. Now imagine a child, who has little to no experience walking around our busy streets. Sounds dangerous, doesn't it? Take the time to teach them well, and if you're not a parent and don't have children, set a good example to those you see. Your example will probably save someone's life, at some point in their life.

Sidewalks, curbs, crosswalks, bicycles, vehicles, seniors, adults, parents and children, all interacting in real time. But children do not know the rules, so take the time to teach them well, and in the process enhance the quality of your relationship by engaging them through open communication about all sorts of topics. Know, and teach, the fundamentals. The challenge is yours, and that of a healthy community.

Teach your children the basics of safety and life, to give them the foundation for a positive, healthy and safe future. You love them, right? They deserve it, correct?

By teaching your child the basics of safety, you'll find that they will interact with others in a more considerate way. This will in turn help them become successful adults. With children lies the opportunity to help them with their foundation of knowledge. If you wait too long, the consequences may be too much to bear.
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