Parking Safety

A KnowTheFundamentals Article:

When parking your vehicle anywhere, but especially around schools in crowded urban areas, remember the fundamentals regarding safe habits.  Take the few moments to keep everyone around you in a safe circumstance.  Remember, it’s not just your safety that’s important, but also not creating situations that would cause another driver to swerve out of control and into others.

After talking with crossing guards around my child’s school, it became apparent that they had a bit of frustration with how drivers acted carelessly with their vehicles.  Understanding both points of view, that of a parent hurrying to get their child to school or to be on time to pick them up, and, the narrow streets and congested sidewalks filled with children of all ages, it was obvious that something should be done before hundreds of children witness something horrible.

Here are a couple of images (see 4Kids for a game) we created using digital modeling program and photoshop to get the point across to parents to ‘take the extra time to properly park their car in order to avoid creating dangerous circumstance,’ and a second one that could be passed out to children as a sort of search game, to get them to recognize when their environment is dangerous.

In my mind it is easier to do this than deal with the consequences of something terrible happening.  Doing nothing when it is obvious that taking your child out into the street to load them into a double parked car, or have them jay walk, or having cars actually drive on sidewalks, are all very dangerous habits and have the unfortunate result of teaching our children unsafe practices.

It should be understandable to all parents that there is probably plenty of parking available on surrounding streets.  Take the time to show your child you care about their life and safety, so they’ll understand what it means to consider their own circumstances in the future.


Digital Illustration by WhatCoutnsNow. Image may be used for non-commercial purposes freely as is, or with changes done by Please let them know of your intentions of use so we can let the world know that we are making a difference. The title “Preventative Action Committee’ will be changed to ‘Know the Fundamentals’ and the design/placement will be altered.

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Welcome to Know The Fundamentals blog. Our mission is to find avenues for adults to teach children the fundamentals of safety, so they may have a lifetime free of tragic events. By instilling safe attitudes at a younger age, when they begin to drive, have families, or just live, they can pass on their knowledge through their example.

As an adult city dweller, you know that you have to keep alert to navigate the city safely. With years of experience on how to judge distance and speed, you're probably very good at it. Now imagine a child, who has little to no experience walking around our busy streets. Sounds dangerous, doesn't it? Take the time to teach them well, and if you're not a parent and don't have children, set a good example to those you see. Your example will probably save someone's life, at some point in their life.

Sidewalks, curbs, crosswalks, bicycles, vehicles, seniors, adults, parents and children, all interacting in real time. But children do not know the rules, so take the time to teach them well, and in the process enhance the quality of your relationship by engaging them through open communication about all sorts of topics. Know, and teach, the fundamentals. The challenge is yours, and that of a healthy community.

Teach your children the basics of safety and life, to give them the foundation for a positive, healthy and safe future. You love them, right? They deserve it, correct?

By teaching your child the basics of safety, you'll find that they will interact with others in a more considerate way. This will in turn help them become successful adults. With children lies the opportunity to help them with their foundation of knowledge. If you wait too long, the consequences may be too much to bear.
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