Careless, reckless, negligent behavior!

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This page will show examples of people taking unnecessary risks, as pedestrians or bike riders, on the street, sidewalk or crosswalk, or, drivers putting pedestrians in harms way. is to raise everyone’s awareness about spotting danger, to avoid accidents. It’s not about pointing fingers at the people in these examples and saying ‘shame, shame. Get your cameras out.

    Here’s a bicyclists who’s taking precaution, as well as a very smart woman who holds back kids at a cross walk. Take a look at what happened and notice that 2nd red light.

    Bike Riders, stay alert!

    Cambridge, England on Aug 15, 2008
    The driver doesn’t check for bicycles in the bike lane before opening their door. You can see that the bike rider had to swerve into the vehicle lane and potentially could of been hit. I’m sure he would of chosen the door if there was a vehicle coming up behind him. Uploaded by cambridgecyclist


    Only in Berkeley
    Berkeley, CA, September 28, 2005
    Cops pull bike rider over for “reckless riding.” The cop pulled this guy over with sirens and a 500 yard chase. Photo By Tricia Wang 王圣捷. Original HERE. Review any copyright notices at original photo location at all times.

    Arc de Triomphe
    Arc de Triomphe traffic, Paris, France, May 20th, 2008
    No Helmet, Rough Road Surface, No Street Lines, Heavy Traffic, and… a worried look on the rider’s face that says it all.  What’s he doing out there?.  Photo By John_Kennan.  You can view the original HERE. Review any copyright notices at original photo location at all times.


    I’m sure I will be confronted with people who wish not to associate themselves with a ‘heavy topic’ because it seems negative, or at least deals with negative topics such as accidents. You’ll notice them when they don’t visit this site, don’t leave a comment, don’t say a thing to anyone. It’s more likely that those affected by some tragedy will comment. And it’s strange that the real difference between the two groups, before a tragedy changed the other’s point of view, was probably nil. I hate to think that it would take a tragedy to convince more people to be safe, and that seems to be the current system, but only an ounce of energy needs to be applied to acknowledge that only time needs to be applied to one’s pursuits with care in order to not behave in a risky manner. Take the time to know what is safe and have the ability to spot dangerous situations. Take the time to have patience to keep yourself and others safe.

    Abraham Lincoln said it was hard to try to do the right thing when so many others with their own interests were always trying to sway him. Personally I think he made politically correct choices which have helped us all, and those who can’t see into the future shouldn’t be advising anyone. Don’t be swayed by opinion or belief that something is safe. Use your own judgement and decide for yourself. Don’t trust that walking on the crosswalk will be safe because the light says go. Don’t trust a driver that waves you across a road as I’ve seen too many times the other drivers around the waver obviously didn’t get the memo. Don’t trust walking with a crowd assuming that someone will tell you to ‘Watch Out!’ Don’t trust anyone except your own eyes and your own knowledge.

    Are you sure of your knowledge? Will you stake your life on it?

    You may know everything on this blog, but does your child? Does your neighbor? Does your spouse? How will you ever know? Certainly every time one walks out into the world we are all trusting that people will act responsibly, and almost everyone does (it is a wonderful world we live in), but ‘accidents’ do happen. Please read my article on accidents to learn all about that.

    Tragic Tales

    Stories of events that could of been avoided.

    The saying shouldn’t be ‘ignorance is bliss’ implying that the person who is ignorant of the facts will be happy, because, the truth is, when it comes to safety, knowledge will more probably lead to a healthier and thus happier life. The saying should be ‘ignorance causes death’.  Why?  If you don’t know what the consequences of reckless actions can be, you’re probably putting yourself and others in danger.  Let these stories be a reminder of what is at stake, then take the appropriate time to inform yourself on how you can life a safe and thus happy life.  The people affected here by negligent behavior deserve to be heard, don’t you think?

    Letter to Rustam Halimov…the guy who hit me with his car!
    March 8, 2011 by crosswalkawareness (I am posting a letter I wrote one day, three years ago almost to the day…
    March 12, 2008
    Dear Rustam Halimov,
    I am writing to let you know that I do know “You did not mean to hit me,” as you told me the night… I needed you to understand what your careless driving did to me and how it affected my life…. (read full story)
    ‘CrosswalkAwareness’ Blog “Through Awareness We Can Save A Life…Or A Lifetime Of Pain!”

    Brooklyn, NY, 2010, PS372, another beautiful spring day and a little 5 year old who’s mother always parked across the road and always jay-walked her child to load them in on the street side of the car, was herself, along with other car driving parents, putting this child’s life and future at risk, as the other cars decided that it was more convenient to park where it was illegal and where the busses where supposed to stop to pick up children.  So the child, ready to go home, ran between those parked cars to get to his car across the street, who apparently didn’t see the big yellow school bus pulling up and who the driver of that bus apparently didn’t see that little child darting out, or perhaps he did but simply couldn’t stop in time.  So this child, undergoing physical therapy in order to be able to walk again, because his legs were crushed by the bus, has not only had to endure the trauma of the whole event, but the daily agony of trying to walk again.

    The children who witnessed this event are affected, and don’t you dare think differently, and if you do, are you saying it’s okay to expose children to tragic events? And, if they happen because you are being negligent, is it all okay? Do you say “they’ll be fine, they grow past it”? Are you sure? And if they don’t, are you willing to pay for the therapy to help them get past the event, because if you’re not, well, then, shut the heck up and start practicing safe behavior!

    Walk your kids to the crosswalks, stop, look both ways, and teach your kids the habits that will keep them safe.

    CobbleHill, Brooklyn, 2008, a Dad and his 8 year old decided to ride on the quiet single lane with parking on either side Dean Street. It’s a really beautiful and quiet street with a slight downhill slope to it. I’m sure the kid was enjoying the open space of the road, but apparently the pickup truck driver didn’t see the child as he pulled out of his parking space, crushing the kid to death.

    Keep your bike riding children on the sidewalks until at least 12 years old as allowed by law.

    Manhattan, NYC, 1991 another spring day that was wonderful.  Here instead of an adult it was me and another woman, who decided to blindly follow me as I stepped off the curb.  The traffic was blocking the crosswalk but, assuming it was safe, the pedestrians could cross.  As I passed the row of cars to get to the other side I stopped and looked, seeing a car trying to ‘get past the stopped traffic’ and out of the ‘grid’ (all vehicles must not stop in the intersection as per NYC law), the driver darted past the blind side.  The woman apparently didn’t see me stop, nor the on-coming vehicle and was ‘bumped’ about 6 feet.  She only suffered bruising, but I remember her looking at me and probably thinking ‘how didn’t you get hit?’ and ‘I thought you implied it was safe.’

    Don’t put your safety into other people’s hands and don’t, like I did do think that are essentially unsafe as others might blindly follow you.  She was lucky and will probably forever take her own safety seriously.

    Manhattan, NYC, a summer early evening and for some reason a life-long New York resident and grandmother decided to step out onto the street off the curb to jay-walk in front of Grand Central Station on 42nd Street.  She didn’t look, nor hear the bus that killed her.  As you probably know busses have their engines at the rear of the vehicle, so the noise generated by them is about 30 plus feet behind where you might think the vehicle is.  Always look with your eyes.  With new electric and hybrid vehicles coming on the scene in ever greater quantities this is even more important than ever.

    Student Hit at Broadway Crosswalk, by Shannon Baldo

    Broadway Crosswalk Accident, Transylvania University

    Exerpt: During a morning rush to class on Wednesday, sophomore Jessica Short was struck by a car while making her way over the Broadway crosswalk in front of…. “One lane looked like it had stopped and to me it looked like the other lane was going to stop,” Short explained. “So I started to cross, and as I was doing so I realized, hey, they’re not going to stop.” Read the whole story on The Rambler. The lesson? Don’t trust some driver waving you on telling you it’s okay to cross as if they know what other drivers are doing, and obviously, always look into the eyes of every driver to know they actually see you and are actually stopping.

    Dec 22 2009:

    What a great shopping day. I would like to thank the snow for not comming through out my driving around for holiday shopping. Things went so smooth. Although i would like to apologize to a few people: the pedestrian whom i nearly ran over. My bad.  The lady i ran into with my cart. My bad. and to the kid i tripped while racing for the last bumble bee transformer. my bad (and keep your head up kid).

    hahaha, the last one was so funny – not. Actually this persons attitude is that all this is almost normal, although he at least acknowledges his behavior.

    How would you like to run across the path of this guy? He is at least acknowledging he has some sort of issue with running into people, how about those people out there who don’t think its an issue?

    Do you know someone who is terrible at driving? The lean forward resting their arms on the steering wheel to try to see more. Maybe they change lanes when turning left at an intersection that allows two lanes of traffic to turn (I know someone like this). Perhaps they just change lanes without bothering to look in a mirror when on a highway (I know someone like this). If you know someone who is bad at driving, imagine just how many others there are.  Ouch, I know that knowledge had to hurt.

    Excerpt from Cars Kill: (link here)

    …as listed in our report, The Only Good Cyclist (PDF).”  According to Right of Way, over 90% of pedestrian deaths in NYC are the fault of drivers.  And research from Toronto shows the same thing for car-bike crashes.

    Most at-fault motorists who kill cyclists and pedestrians get off the hook.study by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition shows that three out of four at fault drivers were never even cited for hitting and killing pedestrians.  22% of fatal pedestrian crashes involved hit and run drivers, yet, none of the runaway motorists were found or charged.  In New York, 70-92% of drivers were at-fault in killing pedestrians and cyclists, but 74% didn’t even get a ticket. (RightOfWay.org, 1999)  The story in Austin is similar.

    What vehicle kills the most people?

    • Large pickup trucks, kill people in the second vehicle at a rate of 293 for every 100,000 crashes, according to federal crash statistics.
    • Large Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s) kill people in the second vehicle at a rate of 205 per 100,000 crashes;
    • Minivans kill at a rate of 104 deaths;
    • Large cars kill at a rate of 85 deaths. (NYT, July 31, 2003)

    Those are just the facts, but it begs the question ‘How many people do I want to kill in my life time?’

    Red Lights. This July 2000 article in USA Today has a lot of statistics about cars running red lights (which kill about 800 people a year nationwide).

    One has to ask, ‘if this many people are getting killed by vehicles, how many are getting maimed and injured?’  Typically I suspect 2 to 3 times more are getting maimed and 4 to 8 times are getting injured significantly.

    Better judgement would avoid all of these events and they wouldn’t exist in the history of our lives.  Stay safe, follow the rules and have a long and event-free future.

    If you have a story, and most of us do, please share it with the community.


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