Source of this information is from the National Crime Prevention Council

Information for Parents

Bicycle Safety
Bike riding can be a fun activity for children, but if they don’t know how to ride safely it can also be a very dangerous one

Child Abductions
Parents and communities can help prevent child abduction by educating children and themselves

Conflict Management For Parents
Information for parents on conflict management and resolution in kids

Cybersafe Girls
Advice for parents on keeping girls safe online

Disaster Preparedness Tips For Parents
Make sure your kids know what to do in the event of an emergency

Gangs and Your Child
You can reduce the risk that your child will join a gang. Teaching children about the risks of gang membership—especially the violence—is essential.

Girls and Drug Abuse
Tips for parents on dealing with girls and drug abuse

Gun Safety
Parents can do a lot to protect their children from gun violence

Help Kids Choose What to Watch
Children who become critical watchers are able to resist the negative influences of media more easily and to glean more, useful information as well

How Parents Can Encourage Volunteering
Tips for parents on getting kids to volunteer in the community

How Parents Can Prevent Drug Abuse
Research shows that the main reason that kids don’t use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is because of their parents

How Parents Can Teach Kids About Diversity
Information for parents on talking to kids about diversity

Internet Safety Tips For Parents
A list of tips that parents should follow to keep kids safe online

Leaving Kids Home Alone
Advice for parents on making sure kids are safe while home alone

Media Literacy
Ways that you can monitor the messages your children receive from the media

Neighborhood Safety Tips For Parents
Advice for parents on keeping your kids safe in your neighborhood

Parents’ Guide to Social Networking Websites
Advice for parents on protecting kids from threats on social networks

Planning For Emergencies – A Family Guide
What to consider when preparing your family a disaster or other emergency

Safe Shopping
Advice for shopping safely with kids, especially during the holidays

It’s important that children be able to differentiate between secrets that are okay to keep, and secrets they should never keep

Teaching Kids About Gender Roles
Parents can help show girls that gender differences are okay and help give them the confidence to try any activity they’d like

What Parents Can Do About Bullying
Advice for parents and adults dealing with bullying

What Parents Can Do About Cyberbullying
Parents can help stop cyberbullying. You can start by talking to kids about the issue.

What Parents Can Do About School Safety
Advice for parents on making sure their kids stay safe at school and while traveling to and from school

What to Teach Kids About Strangers
Information about the differences between strangers kids should look out for and strangers kids can trust

Training for Parents

Bullying and Intimidation
Professional training from NCPC for youth and adults on managing bullying situations

Products and Publications for Parents

Parents and Their Children: Talking Together
This set of nine reproducible tip sheets, in English and Spanish, will help parents communicate more effectively with their children and teenagers

School Safety and Security Toolkit: A Guide for Parents, Schools, and Communities
This toolkit gives parents instruments to work with school personnel and policymakers to determine actions to enhance the safety and security of their children’s schools

Teaching Tales for Caring Kids
Teaching Tales for Caring Kids tells traditional tales from around the world and relates their morals to contemporary issues to help prevent crime, drug and violence problems among children (K-5)

Helping Children Feel and Be Safe
Caring adults need to know how to listen and respond to children who are afraid and this kit aims to do just that

Programs for Parents

Celebrate Safe Communities
Celebrate crime prevention and local communities making a difference

Crime Prevention Month
October is Crime Prevention Month

Downloadable Resources for Parents

Title Description Size
File A Dozen Things Parents Can Do To Stop School Violence A helpful fact sheet for parents on stopping school violence 14.4 kB
File A Family Guide to Using the Internet Informative brochure for families about using the internet safely 96.5 kB
File At Home Alone: A Parent’s Guide Informative brochure 1.1 MB
File Contract For Responsible Wireless Phone Use A reproducible contract from the 2009-2010 Crime Prevention Month Kit that parents can use to govern their child’s cell phone use. 62.5 kB
File Cybersafety for Kids Online: A Parents’ Guide A reproducible brochure for parents on keeping kids safe online 1.1 MB
File Disaster Preparedness: A Checklist Free, helpful resource for protecting your family from disaster 26.1 kB
File Family Link-Up Plan A simple tool for helping families coordinate during an emergency 57.1 kB
File Family Vacation: Fun and Safety Informative brochure 333.6 kB
File Get Wise About Wireless A reproducible handout from the 2009-2010 Crime Prevention Month Kit for teens about using your cell phone safely and responsibly. 97.9 kB
File Making 9-1-1 Work for You: Things Kids Need To Know A reproducible handout from the 2009-2010 Crime Prevention Month Kit on what kids should know about dialing 9-1-1. 89.3 kB
File Making Children, Families, and Communities Safer From Violence A free, downloadable publication from NCPC 14.1 MB
File Newspaper Mat: Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet A short NewsUSA article for parents about keeping kids safe online 1.5 MB
File Online Safety Tips for Kids A reproducible handout for kids about online safety from the 2009-2010 Crime Prevention Month Kit. 98.1 kB
File Online Safety Tips for Parents A reproducible handout for parents about online safety from the 2009-2010 Crime Prevention Month Kit. 91.0 kB
File Parents Must Keep Their Children Safe on the Internet Information for parents on keeping kids safe online from the 2009-2010 Crime Prevention Month Kit. 99.5 kB
File Playing it Safe on Halloween: Pointers for Parents Reproducible brochure with safety tips to ensure that Halloween will be a “howling” good time for all 194.8 kB
File Raising Streetwise Kids: A Parent’s Guide Informative brochure 1.3 MB
File Sexting: How Parents Can Keep Their Kids Safe A reproducible handout with information for parents on the dangerous practice of sexting. 88.3 kB
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Welcome to Know The Fundamentals blog. Our mission is to find avenues for adults to teach children the fundamentals of safety, so they may have a lifetime free of tragic events. By instilling safe attitudes at a younger age, when they begin to drive, have families, or just live, they can pass on their knowledge through their example.

As an adult city dweller, you know that you have to keep alert to navigate the city safely. With years of experience on how to judge distance and speed, you're probably very good at it. Now imagine a child, who has little to no experience walking around our busy streets. Sounds dangerous, doesn't it? Take the time to teach them well, and if you're not a parent and don't have children, set a good example to those you see. Your example will probably save someone's life, at some point in their life.

Sidewalks, curbs, crosswalks, bicycles, vehicles, seniors, adults, parents and children, all interacting in real time. But children do not know the rules, so take the time to teach them well, and in the process enhance the quality of your relationship by engaging them through open communication about all sorts of topics. Know, and teach, the fundamentals. The challenge is yours, and that of a healthy community.

Teach your children the basics of safety and life, to give them the foundation for a positive, healthy and safe future. You love them, right? They deserve it, correct?

By teaching your child the basics of safety, you'll find that they will interact with others in a more considerate way. This will in turn help them become successful adults. With children lies the opportunity to help them with their foundation of knowledge. If you wait too long, the consequences may be too much to bear.
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